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Janda snowshoeing in new powder in the Flagstaff, Arizona, area.
Janda snowshoeing in new powder                                                          in the Flagstaff, Arizona, area.


                                                             Janda Raker                                                                          is an award-winning travel writer/ essayist/ photographer                     who has explored North America, South America, Australia,                                      New Zealand, and 22 countries in Europe,                                           traveling by train, ferry, motorcycle, cross-country skis, mountain bike, snowshoes, canoe, sea kayak, sailboat, power boat,                           hiking and backpacking, to wildernesses, big cities                      and everywhere in between.

Teaching in middle school and high school allowed her to ramble                                    around the states during summer breaks,                                        and retirement provides even more freedom to explore.

    Her travel and outdoor-recreation articles have been published                                in Amarillo Style, UltraRunning, WingWorld, etc.,                                   and online monthly since June, 2013, for Examiner.com,    which was a network of news websites, but closed as of July, 2016. Janda has now begun writing travel articles for HubPages.com. The first–“Tour Machu Picchu: How to Go and Why”–was published in September, 2016. Several others will soon follow.

                                         She has also published profiles                                                     of best-selling authors Debbie Macomber and Jodi Thomas                                                           in The Writer magazine                                                                                    and two anthologies of very short stories                                                                       titled Flash Tales and FlashTales 2.                                                          Both are available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com and directly from Janda. Contact her if you’d like one . . . or more —JandaRaker@gmail.com .

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